regenerative cell therapy

hair restoration

for men and women

Suffering from hair loss can impact your self-confidence, leading you to try every available hair-loss treatment method out there. After experimenting with many over-the-counter hair regrowth products such as shampoos and supplements, you may be considering surgical intervention.
Before you do, know that there are new injection-therapies on the market. The latest hair-loss therapies work to not only enhance miniaturized hair, they also help to prevent additional hair loss. These therapies can be an option for both men and women who want to avoid surgery.
Amniotic allograft injections offer a state-of-the-art hair loss treatment that target hair loss at the heart of the problem.


who is a candidate

Amniotic Allograft therapy protects hair from additional shedding, renews miniaturizing hairs for improved growth, and restores hair quality and quantity for patients with thinning hair. Treatment is an option for:

  • Male and female hereditary hair loss

  • Alopecia areata

  • Hypotrichosis (decreased hair growth) of the eyebrows

An allograft treatment is also an option for patients who’ve had surgical hair restoration previously and want to:

  • Increase hair density without more surgery

  • Maintain their hair without using medication like Propecia or Rogaine

With the presence of growth factors, cytokines, collagen and other special proteins, the amniotic allograft matrix stimulates the stem cell activity in the hair follicles to target the root cause of hair loss.   The growth factors work in numerous ways to improve and regenerate hair by providing nutrition and promoting new blood supply to the follicle; increasing hair shaft size.   The amniotic allograft treatment is injected into the thinning areas to enhance growth and protect hair.   Amniotic allograft therapy for hair loss provides a regenerative complex that goes beyond PRP treatment options.

how amniotic allograft

therapy works

what results can I expect

New hair growth becomes visible in most cases within 4-6 months after your Allograft injection procedure. Hair continues to thicken over a period of 12-15 months. These results last for months, and even years, before regression may begin to occur. However, maintaining an active follow-up relationship with Dr. Dave will ensure an up-to-date comprehensive plan to know when it is ideal for another procedure to keep hair growth thriving.