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"Cellular and tissue regeneration is truly amazing, but the life regeneration side effect is the gold."
-Dr. David Suomela

Amniotic Allografts, also known as Biological Allografts, are becoming more popular for use in soft tissue growth in many areas of medicine because of their immunologically inert properties that allow them to proliferate into tissues without rejection by the recipient.  Amniotic Allograft is human tissue that has been donated and derived from healthy human placentas from women with scheduled c-sections. This tissue is meant to engage your own dormant stem cells causing a differentiation of your own cells necessary for tissue reconstruction.  While they have similar applications, Amniotic Allograft is not the same as PRP,  Amniotic Allograft is a high end regenerative cell therapy that offers higher concentrations of beneficial growth factors compared to PRP and may be indicated for more specific concerns.  The Amniotic Allograft used at Boca Skin and Body Med is ethically sourced, FDA registered, and third party tested for quality and purity. This product is not only safe, but also has been shown to have a profound effect in anti-aging aesthetic regenerative medicine, hair restoration, sexual dysfunction and pain relief.

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Regenerative medicine is highly versatile and delivers great results for a long list of applications, including anti-aging treatments, sexual dysfunction and hair restoration. Although many individuals can benefit from treatment, PRP and amniotic-derived therapies are highly customized to each case. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dave, one of the premier experts on regenerative medicine applications. 
During your personalized consultation, you will be able to discuss your concerns and goals and Dr. Dave will recommend the best course of treatment that is appropriate to your unique circumstances.


The price of PRP or amniotic-derived therapy will vary from case to case. The number of sessions and the goals of treatment will impact the final breakdown of treatment. You will receive a personalized quote at the end of your consultation.

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